Bud’s Building Blunders

Bud's background

  • Grade School - Soft Knocks
  • High School - Hard Knocks
  • College - Old Knocks (where the knowledge is)

Bud's is a simple story, do right the first time. Bud will show you the blunders and once in awhile he will show some praise.

good insulation

Grade I wall insulation. Great job.

Bad insulation

Uh-Oh, This is a Grade III insulation. Many voids, crevices and escape routes for AIR to come in or go out. So if you're in the Winter the air coming in is Cold, in the Summer it's hot. If it's leaking you are cooling and heating the air outside. See you in California !!!

incorrect insulation

Example: Exposed insulation in HVAC return

HVAC return, exposed insulation, as air is moved into the return insulation fibers, dust particles and outdoor pollutants enter the HVAC system and are distributed very efficiently throughout your home. VERY BAD!

hole in foundation

Example: hole in basement beam

In this image the basement beam is set on the foundation but there is a gaping hole allowing conditioned air to flow in and out of your home. Did someone say global warming? I guess they have it wrong, global warming must come from the air we heat our homes with. I mean the air BLEEDING out the holes in our house.


hole in insulation

Example: bad repair

Attempted repair after the fact. That hole, it won't leak much. Dah!


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