Energy Star for Builders

Energy Star Version 3 can be very alarming to you the Builder. Talk of 2x6 construction, Mechanical Ventilation under ASHRAE 62.2 2010, Windows, Doors, Cats and Dogs. Yes, we all became over whelmed. Then came the training which many trainers didn't understand. Even the Raters didn't understand. Well...... through our efforts and help from the EPA we have harnessed Version 3 and have simplified it.

Version 3 is only a tool we use to help you build homes to conform to the Energy Star standards. We bring over 40 years of combined experience and knowledge to YOU the Builder. We show you how to meet V3 in the most cost effective energy efficient way possible. No frills, no drama, just simple straight forward specification tailored to meet your needs.

We model your project, load it to our builder site, an email notifies you it's ready and you login to your portal to download all the documents you need for permitting, thermal enclosure inspection report, and final paper work with your Energy Star Certificate. Try it out. View our "sample" builder portal.

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Home Performance with Energy Star RESNET
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